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U.S. Secretary of Labor to USC Campus Workers: "Keep organizing, we've got your back"

Columbia, S.C. - In a visit to Columbia, U.S. Secretary of Labor Julie Su spoke with members of labor unions from around the state, including United Campus Workers, the Union of Southern Service Workers, and the United Steel Workers.

In her remarks, Secretary Su encouraged workers to "keep organizing" and "keep demanding your fair share" on the job. She called on workers to overcome fear and hesitation, reminding them that they have a right to organize and speak up for improvements in the workplace. "I just want you to know that you never stand alone. You stand with your coworkers, and we [the U.S. Department of Labor] have your backs. You're displaying the best of what democracy is all about."


Labor Secretary Su and South Carolina labor union members

Workers at the University of South Carolina are organizing themselves and demanding a $20/hr minimum wage. The petition has over 800 signatures. Help get to 1,000 signatures - add your name here!

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