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Join the United Campus Workers of South Carolina!

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We are in the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic that has impacted our campus faculty, staff, and students in many ways. Currently, we are building a collective voice to help influence leadership on campus towards aiding their workers, uniting people on campus towards our collective struggle, and ensuring our RIGHTS as workers are protected.


As you may be aware, campus workers are dealing with issues of recent unemployment (e.g., resources on how to apply for unemployment in Spanish and English), access to health care (e.g., Coronavirus testing, mental health services), hazardous working conditions (e.g. providing appropriate protections and pay for essential campus workers), and a lack of transparency around issues of campus re-opening, employment, and schooling (e.g., plans to resume classes in the fall, enrolling undergraduates in COVID-19 research). 

NOW is the time to organize together and demand fair treatment and proper access to resources as employees of this university. We are proud to be Gamecocks, and we will fight for a better tomorrow!

Our task is to build the organization we need and deserve. If we don’t do this, nothing will change.

So what can you do?


Click here to join UCW-SC!


By paying income-based dues, members join a collective of workers that can help advocate for you. It also pays for resources, such as legal services -- unlike student organizations and faculty senates.