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In memoriam: Dr. Drucilla Barker remembered by her fellow union members

19 Jan, 2023

In Memory of

Drucilla K. "Drue" Barker

1949 - 2023

Drucilla Barker described herself as a radical Marxist feminist, and in her research and studies, she focused on working class issues, highlighting the struggles for gender and racial justice. She was excited to join the union here at USC to put her theory into action.

Drue always emphasized the need to fight for and alongside the lowest paid, most exploited workers - including contract workers and the custodial workers who keep our campus safe and beautiful.

Even when she was unable to be as active in the union at times due to her health, she always encouraged her coworkers to join the union. In this sense we can say that she was a cheerleader for our union and a true fighter for the working class.

A passionate lover of life and an equally compassionate human, Drue helped make a safer and more just world, and we will miss her with all the love she shared with so many. 

Rest in peace, Dr. Barker

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