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USC Workers build campaign for living wages, wear t-shirts to show support

As part of the ongoing fight for living wages for all workers at the University of South Carolina, United Campus Workers members mobilized on campus last week for a major outreach and recruitment drive. Workers and supporters wore union shirts and buttons to show their support for the campaign for a living wage.

Union members Vic and Mac canvas the USC Columbia campus

Campus workers collected signatures for our petition to increase the minimum wage and salary to a livable and fair standard of compensation. Union members heard from workers across every department who shared their financial struggles and workplace concerns. Workers are excited to take action and win their demands. 

Union members Abigail and Chelsea talk to their coworkers


Are you ready to take the first step toward fighting for the fair pay and basic dignity that all our workers deserve? Sign the petition and share it with everyone you know!

Mariana proudly wears a union t-shirt
Union member John sports a union button
Union member Timothy shows off his union shirt
Union member Jonathan rocks his UCW swag
A union worker at USC holds up the petition for a living wage